"Jubilee medal of the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (1920-2020)" has been established


President Ilham Aliyev has approved amendments to the law "On the establishment of orders and medals of the Republic of Azerbaijan" to establish the anniversary medal of the Republic of Azerbaijan.   Qafqazinfo reports that according to the amendment Jubilee medal of the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (1920-2020)" has been established.   Article 1. General description of the medal   "Jubilee medal of the Republic of Azerbaijan “100th anniversary of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (1920–2020)” (hereinafter - medal) consists of a circular plate with a diameter of 36 mm, cast in bronze and dipped in golden water.   Article 2. The front surface of a medal   2.1. The front of the medal is contoured with inner and outer circles.   2.2. “Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University” is inscribed along the upper arc between the outer and inner circles, and “1920-2020” is written on the lower arch. Wreathes with ears are inscribed on the left and right sites of the “1920-2020” along the arch.   2.4. The outline of the circle, the words and figures, the "ASOIU" logo and the wreathes are gold color. Between the two circles, the arch is dark red, the background of the inner circle is gold.   Article 3. The reverse side of the medal   3.1. In the upper part of the reverse side of the medal, the words “ASOIU 100” are embed, also the sketch of the main building of the ASOIU determined by the relevant executive body is engraved in the center of the medal.   3.2. The series and number of the medal are written on the back of the medal.   Article 4. Elements of the medal   4.1. The medal is connected to the five-pointed moire ribbon of 50 mm x 37 mm by two rings and a loop.   4.2. On moire ribbon 3 mm wide dark red, 9 mm wide gray, 1.5 mm wide white, 3.5 mm dark red and gray vertical strips 3 mm wide in the center are illustrated sequentially from the two edges towards the center.   4.3. To the top of the moire ribbon attached a bronze plate of 40 mm x 5,5 mm covered with a golden layer featuring in the center "ASOIU" logo, the wreathes depicted on the left and right sides.   4.4. The block of in 37 mm x 10 mm size having an element for fastening to clothes, upholstered with a similar moire ribbon is applied to a medal.


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