Speak Like An Engıneer


Dear ASOİU community,    Do you have issues with technical English? Do you  lose yourself in interview? Then we have a excellent news!    IMECHE announces  new Technical English named “SPEAK LIKE AN ENGINEER”.   Brief information about mentor: Akif Ahmadzada currently working as Project engineer at Tecnicas Reunidas.  He has more than 7 years experience in Oil & Gas and Construction industry.   There are next opportunities waiting for you: -Participating in group discussions and debates -Enhancing your confidence in using English in engineering topics -İmproving your technical vocabulary -Practicing Speaking and Listening skills   Duration of program: 1 month Venue: UFAZ Eligibility: all specialities students from different universities Registration deadline: 30th September Registration link:   Hurry up for registration. The places are limited!


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