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The laboratory of the Department of Mechanics

The laboratory of the Department of Mechanics scientific research on "friction and wearing of materials" using the MMW-1 device conducted.

  The following laboratory works at the bachelor's degree are carried out on the department:

1. The frictional properties of materials being studed

2. The durability of materials being studed

3.  The temperature dependence of tribotechnical properties of materials are studed

Hydraulic Machines and Hydraulic Drives

The Laboratory "Hydraulic Machines and Hydraulic Drives" was established in 1989 during the creation of a new specialty at the university, "Hydraulic Machines, Hydraulic Drives and Hydropneumatic Automation". Now this specialty exists under the name "Engineering of energetic machine-building". The laboratory provides full holding on equipment laboratory works on subjects corresponding to the specialty.

The laboratory has equipment for “Oil Drilling,” “Testing a Centrifugal Pump,” “Testing a Piston Pump,” “Testing a Gear Pump,” and also for determining valve operation when pumping fluid. At each pumping equipment possible to carry 3-4 laboratory works.

Training Laboratory

In the training laboratory of the department "Oil and gas equipment" laboratory work is carried out in the following subjects:

            1. Oil and gas production technology:

equipment for the study of hardware fittings for oil production by the syringe method (field samples of key fittings, connecting nodes containing components);

field model of a downhole pump and a manifold machine for oil production by a mechanized method;

to study materials and posters for the study of equipment used in the operation of wells using gas lift.

            2. Drilling equipment:

field samples of drill axles used in well drilling;

a field example of a two-cylinder mud pump for researching the equipment of a rotary complex of a drilling rig;

high systems (skull, stone block, elevator) and equipment for studying the construction of the shaft installed on one of the sections of the drill lifting and lifting system;

field schemes of fishing rods and elevators.
Used in teaching the basics of tribology:

  1. Bachelor - a machine for checking the friction of materials: laboratory work on the inspection of parts and units of machines and equipment by students.

  2. For the master - a universal friction machine: a research machine for checking parts and components of oil equipment for friction.