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Makhluga Ragimova

Position: Assistant

Academic degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Technology


I am the author of 82 scientific and monographs.

Ragimova Makhluga Surkhay was born in the village of Dyuzgyshlag of the Gazakh region.

In 1972, I went to high school in the village of Dyuzgyshlag of the Gazakh region and graduated from it in 1982.

In 1986, she entered the "Oil and Mechanical" faculty of the Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry named after M.Azizbekov with a degree in "Machinery and equipment for oil and gas fields, in 1991 she graduated from the" Oil and Mechanical "faculty of Azerbaijan Industrial University (now ADSU) with a degree “Machine parts and hoisting mechanisms”, and in 1995 worked as a laboratory assistant at the Department of Mechanical Parts and Hoisting Machines (the current “Mechanics”), and since 1998, as an engineer in the Information and Computer Center. In parallel, she continued her scientific activities.

In 2014, she defended her thesis on the theme “Study of the process of work of fountain fittings and optimal design of a structure” in the dissertation council D02.141 and received a Ph.D.Currently, I work as an assistant at the Department of Mechanics.