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Training Laboratory of "Industrial machines" department

In the training laboratory of the department "Industrial machines" laboratory work is carried out in the following subjects:

            1. Oil and gas production technology:

equipment for the study of hardware fittings for oil production by the syringe method (field samples of key fittings, connecting nodes containing components);

field model of a downhole pump and a manifold machine for oil production by a mechanized method;

to study materials and posters for the study of equipment used in the operation of wells using gas lift.

            2. Drilling equipment:

field samples of drill axles used in well drilling;

a field example of a two-cylinder mud pump for researching the equipment of a rotary complex of a drilling rig;

high systems (skull, stone block, elevator) and equipment for studying the construction of the shaft installed on one of the sections of the drill lifting and lifting system;

field schemes of fishing rods and elevators.

Used in teaching the basics of tribology:

  1. Bachelor - a machine for checking the friction of materials: laboratory work on the inspection of parts and units of machines and equipment by students.

  2. For the master - a universal friction machine: a research machine for checking parts and components of oil equipment for friction.