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Materials science and processing technologies

Department "Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science" was established on 03.02.2016 by combining the departments "Mechanical Engineering and Materials Processing" and "Materials Science and Technology of Materials". (Order No. 04 -

The department "Mechanical Engineering and Material Processing" was established in 2005 by the merger of the Department "Mechanical Engineering" and "Hydraulic Machines and Hydraulic Transmissions" and the head of the department was Professor AM Rahimov.

The department "Technology of mechanical engineering" was founded in 1930. In the first years of its existence, he began to study mechanical engineering on metal cutting in the mechanical engineering department of the Institute of Mechanics. Since the end of 1945 began to train specialists in oil-mechanical engineering. The first head of the department was I.S. Quhman, then associate professor F.M. From 1961 to 1982, the department was headed by Professor A.Kh. Directed by Mustafayev.

From 1982 to 2004 professor S.K. Babayev headed it. From 2004 to 2016 professor A.M. Rahimov, Assoc. H.M. Heydarov, Assoc. R.H. It was headed by Malikov. Since the creation of the department, specialized technologists in mechanical engineering have been trained. Since 1962, the department began to accept postgraduate students in "Technology of Mechanical Engineering" in the visual and correspondence departments and defended the dissertation for the title of 17 candidates of sciences.

The department "Materials Science and Technology of Materials" was established in 1921 under the name "Technology of metals". Professor N.Y. Bulakh (1921-1938), associate professor III was involved in the department. Ilovayski (1938 - 1944), Associate Professor Nemat bey Shakhtakhtinski (1944 - 1954), Associate Professor N. M. Yerivanli (1954-1959), Associate Professor M. Amebov (1959- 1976), Associate Professor S.B. Bunyatov (1976- 1981), professor S.Babayev (1981- 1984), professor S.M.Mustafayev (1984- 2005), associate professor S.H. Gasimov (2005-2010) Associate Professor H.H. Eldarzadeh (2011-2016) headed. Since 1988, the department has been preparing bachelors and masters in the field of materials science.

Since its formation, the department "Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science" has been preparing bachelors and masters in "Technology of recycling and restoration", "Engineering", "Engineering", "Engineering".

         The department has 3 professors, 16 associate professors, 1 senior teacher, 2 assistants and 6 teaching assistants. Associate Professor, Ph.D. Headed by Tahir Oaffar oglu Jabbarov.

The head of the department is Tahir Gaffar oglu Jabbarov.

Information about specialties in the department

The department "Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science" on 3 specialties:

“Technology of recycling and restoration technology”,

"Mechanical Engineering in Energy"

Bachelor and Master's degree in Materials Science Engineering. These specialties have been established since 2009.

050601- Materials Science Engineering, 050646- "Technology of recycling and renewal technology", 050610 - "Engineering mechanical engineering" provides training for bachelors and masters of higher education on the basis of nomenclature of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

“Training on engineering and technology of processing and restoration technology, scientific and practical ways of using the technologies, processes, equipment solutions used to ensure the constructive reliability of design details of machines and machinery systems and their parts used in the petrochemical industry. provides training of specialists.

Training in the field of "Engineering mechanical engineering" provides training in the field of theoretical and practical knowledge of specialists in the study of the characteristics of power plants, equipment and their details used in the petrochemical industry.

 "Materials Engineering" teaches the structure and properties of materials used for design purposes, the ways in which these structures and properties can be improved, depending on the purpose of the materials, and the improvement of technological processes used to improve the efficiency of products and structures in manufacturing facilities.