Faculty of Oil Mechanical Engineering

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In 2011, based on the decision of the Scientific Council of ASOIU, the Department of "Dynamics and Strength of Machines" was established based on the Department of "Theoretical Mechanics" and "Machine Parts and Loading Machines". Because of structural reforms at ASOIU in February 2016, the activity of the departments "Dynamics and Strength of Machines" and "Applied Mechanics" was discontinued and because of these departments, there was a Department of Mechanics.

     The department carries out bachelors and master's degrees in "Mechanical Engineering".

    The academic load of the department in the current academic year is 12,623.75 hours. There are 17 teachers in the state (3.5 professors; 9.5 associate professors; 7 assistants. No one was involved in teaching from an outside organization. There are 229 undergraduate students in the department (I course-75, II course-59, III course-39, IV-56 students), and 16 masters (7 of them in the first year and 9 in the second year). One of the graduate students works as a teacher at a college under the university.

    There are 31 subjects at the bachelor degree, including 6 subjects for English-language students and 12 subjects for master's degree.

The department also teaches general disciplines in Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Geological Exploration, Gas and Oil, Petroleum Mechanics, Energy and IIT.

   The department carries out research work on "Analysis of existing problems of oil and gas equipment and technological processes, development of theoretical studies and practical measures for their elimination".

    The department staff published 2 textbooks, 40 articles and conference materials.

   At the department one PhD dissertation has been defended and approved, three dissertations have been prepared for defense (two of them are scheduled for November 16, 2018, and one for defense is planned for December 2, 2018).

    Students of the 4th year passed internship at “Surakhani Machine Building Plant” last year, and this year, our students got permission to practice at  “Neftgazmash”.

  For practical training of undergraduate students of the department "ATEF", SOCAR "Complex Drilling Trust" "Azertechnoline". The company has established contacts with Baku Oil Refinery, Binagadi OIL (5 people received 2 months’ salary), enterprises and METAK. We have already reached an agreement with WEIR Oil & Qas, with four people planning to undergo internships. Discussions were also held on the invitation of experienced companies to the university as "invited professors". This work continues.