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Industrial machines

In the 30s of the last century, due to the need to expand the scope of drilling operations and increase the efficiency of oil well exploitation, the oil industry was tasked with equipping the oil regions of the Soviet Union with new, advanced technology. Designers and machine builders were given the crucial task of creating equipment based on new technology to reconstruct drilling and oil production techniques.

For the development of oilfield equipment, qualified mechanical engineers were required. In this regard, the Institute in February 1936 at the Faculty of Mechanics created one of the first in the country special department "Oilfield Engineering", then renamed the department "Oilfield Mechanics, Machines and Mechanisms".

Initially, the department conducted classes, term papers and diploma projects for the courses “Drilling machines and mechanisms” and “Machines and mechanisms for the operation of oil wells”. Since the 1940 academic year, the course “Repair and installation work” was included in the number of disciplines of the department.

In addition to training personnel, the department in those years carried out a great deal of research work in the field of developing the theory and methodology for calculating oilfield equipment and researching the operation of this equipment in field conditions.

In the prewar years, under the leadership of R.I. Shishchenko, the department developed a hydraulic dynamometer for a rocking machine. In the postwar years, under the leadership of Professor S.V. Yurkevsky, studies were completed in the field of creating a theory of piston compressor operation, which made it possible to create perfect designs of high-pressure compressors for the oil industry, and also conducted research in the field of developing a theory of work and creating perfect bits of high resistance for rotary drilling, significantly reducing the time of drilling wells.

In the first years after the creation of the department in its staff were three associate professors S.V. Yurkevsky, I.A. Taraev and M.S.Skvirsky. In subsequent years, there was already one professor at the department - K.A.Ibatulov, who headed the department until 1962, and such professors as A.G. Mamedzade, M.G. Agaev, A.D. Agaev, V.G. Sharifov, R.A. Badalov, O.A. Orudzhev and others.

In 1962, the Department established the Branch Research Laboratory for the Study of Mobile Drilling Units, which in 1967 was renamed the Branch Research Laboratory for the Study of Oilfield Equipment.

In the Branch Laboratory, the engineering and technical workers of the department carried out on a contractual basis research and development work on the creation and improvement of oilfield equipment with such enterprises as the Bakinsky Raboch machine-building plant, research and development Institute of Petroleum Engineering AzINMASH, Ishimbay Petroleum Engineering Plant, etc. The leaders of the Industry Laboratory in different years were technical candidates for to: Ramazanov RA, Askerov MM, RG Amirov.

In the 70s, a branch laboratory for the study of oilfield equipment was also organized in the machine-building plant named after Lieutenant Schmidt. After Professor Ibatulov K.A. The department was led by Prof. Yurkevsky S.V., prof. Aliverdizade K.S., prof. Dzhanakhmedov A.Kh., docent Sharifov V.G., prof. Abdullaev R.A., prof. Aliev V.I. Currently, the head of the department is prof. Mamedov V.T.

Prof. Aliverdizade Kerim Salim in 1974-1990 worked as a manager and from 1990 until the end of his life he continued his activities as a professor in the same department.

K.S. Aliverdizade for the monograph “The radical re-construction of oil extraction by the deep pump method in the 1950th year was considered worthy of the USSR State Prize Laureate. In 1954, he became a candidate of technical sciences, in 1963 he received a doctorate in technical sciences, in 1964 he received the academic title of professor, and in 1981 he became an honored worker of science and technology of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Specialists know K.S. Aliverdizade as one of the creators of production equipment from a sucker rod pump installation, including the rows of the size of a rocking machine.

K.S. Aliverdizade spent 60 years of his life as a science about the mechanics of the oil and gas industry, the development of machinery and equipment, as well as the training of engineers and scientists.

K.S. Aliverdizade was the author of 3 monographs, up to 300 articles and a study guide, the author of about 100 rationalization proposals.

His "Balanced Drives of a Deep Pump Installation" (1951), "Questions of Mechanics and Technique of a Long-stroke Pumping Mode" (1958), "Drives of a Sucker Rod Pump" (1973) books have long been considered a compendium book by specialists in connection with the detailed and efficient use of a sucker rod pump installation. He is also one of the authors of "Calculation and design of equipment for the operation of oil wells" (1959), this is a weighty training tool. Under his leadership, 15 candidates of sciences were trained.

During the years of leadership of the department, Prof. Aliverdizade K.S. the teaching laboratory of the department was replenished with full-scale samples of oilfield equipment. In particular, in the courtyard of the educational-administrative building located on the street  D. Aliyeva, an existing drilling rig was installed with all the equipment, which served as a visual aid in the study of equipment for drilling wells. Currently, due to the lack of constant maintenance, the training drilling rig is in need of repair.

During the years of leadership of the department prof. Aliverdizade K.S. excursions were periodically organized for students and teachers at oil enterprises of the republic, such as, for example, Oil Rocks, the 15-kilometer Saatli Drilling Complex, offshore floating drilling rig, etc. A museum of the department’s achievements was also created, in which scientific works, inventions, monographs and teaching aids of the department’s employees, exemplary dissertations of excellent students, and photo montages about excursions were presented. The level of the faculty of the department was so high that some of them were sent to foreign countries, for example, to Algeria, to teach in our specialties, others as authors of modern developments took part in exhibitions of international and national importance.

In these years, the number of docents (L.I. Vechkhayzer, M.A. Vagidov, Z.N. Levitsky, Kh.D. Omarov, etc.) and the number of professors (A.Kh.Dzhanakhmedov, A. A. Ibrahimov), as well as a corresponding member. Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences prof. R.A. Badalov.

By the year 2000, the number of disciplines taught increased. Such disciplines have been added  as “Repair and installation of oilfield equipment”, “Technique of offshore fields”, “Fundamentals of tribology”, “Technique of oil and gas production”, “Compressor machines and stations”, “Repair and restoration of wells”, “Calculation and construction of oilfield equipment ”, etc.

In 2002, in connection with the connection with the department “Machines and apparatuses of chemical production” for the period until 2016, the department was called “Technique of production and processing of oil and gas”.The number of disciplines has increased both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Added such disciplines as "High-pressure apparatuses", "Factory equipment", "Chemical reactors", etc.

In 2016, the department was renamed "Oil and Gas Equipment". Currently, Ismayilov R.Sh. is working at the department as a professor, and S.D.Mustafayev, Z.E. Eyvazova, D.N. Aslanov, Ch.D. M.N.Bagirova, L.S. Gadzhieva, F.G. Bayramov, as an assistant candidate of technical sciences Huseynli Z.S., Ph.D. Abbasov N., M. and assistant Kasumova S.A., head of the educational laboratory, Ph.D. Hankishieva T.U. training master Zeynalov N.A., senior laboratory assistants Suleymanova A.D., Alieva R.T., Adigezalova Z.M. laboratory assistant Ragimova Z.S.

The teaching staff of the department annually participates in state budgetary research work on the study of oilfield equipment, such as production packers, sucker rod pump drives, elements of christmas tree, equipment for oil refining, etc.