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Engineering machinery and equipment 

Preparation of specialists on methods of designing of technological machines in accordance with relevant technological processes. 

  From the teaching staff of the specialty 1 doctor of sciences, professor, 12 t.e.n.  and t.u.f.d.,., associate professor 

  Training is conducted in Azerbaijani. 

  Established and operating under the faculty: Laboratory equipped with oil and gas well drilling, oil and gas extraction, equipment used in oil and gas processing and chemical industry, labaratories equipped with machine contorlling scrubbing and eating of materials. 

  Enterprises in which students participate in daily and production practices include: “H.Aliyev Oil Refinery; “Neftgazmash” OJSC; Department of Oil and Gas Production named after A.Amirov; Sumgait Technopark LLC, Absheron Operation Company; Binagadi Oil Company; WEIR OIL and GAS company and others. 

  Demand for this specialty is the H.Aliyev Oil Refinery from SOCAR-owned enterprises; “Neftgazmash” OJSC; Oil and Gas Production Department named after A.Amirov, Sumgait Technopark LLC, WEIR OIL and GAS companies and others. pretty much. 

  Four students majoring in 050625 - Technological Machines and Equipment Engineering, participated in the exchange program in the summer semester of 2016/ 2017 academic year and successfully completed the semester, continuing their education at Ufa State Oil Technical University. 

  The specialty is not accredited.