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Bachelor education

Faculty of Oil Mechanical Engineering

                              1246 full-time and part-time students, 78 masters and 32 graduate students study at the faculty. Since its foundation, the faculty has trained more than 10,000 bachelors and 100 masters of mechanical engineers.

Out of 100 faculty members, the 8 are doctors of sciences, professors, and the 39 are candidates of sciences, associate professors.

At first it functioned as a unit at the faculty of the petroleum industry, and since 1930 - as the faculty of petroleum mechanics.

Professor I.G. Esman, N.Yu. Bulak, L.S. Lebbenzon, P.P. Lukin, K.V. Pokrovsky, N.L. Vannikov, A.M. Trekubov, I.S. Kukhman, S .M. Voikhzade, Yu.N. Dmants, M.V. Ikhzan, Yu.N. Dman, Yu.M. Ryshenko, S.V. Yurkevsky. R. A. Badazhov, K. S. Aliverdizade, A. S. Mustafeev, Yu. A. Amanzade, H. M. Shakhmaliev and others.

The dean of the faculty consistently worked at different times, such as I. I. Semenists, A. I. Sevastyanov, R. A. Badalov, F. M. Yarashevsky, A. K. Mirzabekov, J. A. Aliev, F. S. Huseynov, N.M. Erivanli, A.R. Karrakhov, S. Kh. Babaev, R. Kh. Dzhamalov, G.A. Performed by Mammadov and S.B. Abbasov.

The faculty created the Center for Laser Technology.

The activity plan of the Research Laboratory "Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology"

 Development of composite materials with polymer nanostructured metal fillers;

 Development of an oval composition based on iron mixed with nanostructures using immersion methods;

 Increasing surface resistance to the surface of compact materials based on iron.

Dean and Deputies

 Currently, the dean of the faculty is Associate Professor, Ph.D. Ali Hikmet Akhmedov

  Deputy Dean: Associate Professor, Ph.D., Hasanov Ilman Iman

Departments: Departments included in the structure of the faculty:

  “Oil and gas equipment ”(head of the department - prof. Ismayilov R.S) - Employees of the department of oil and gas equipment: 1 professor, 8 associate professors, 2 assistants.

 Curriculum - 050625 - "Technological machines and equipment of mechanical engineering"

Master's degree

060625 - "Technological machines and equipment of mechanical engineering"

 Machines and equipment for oil and gas production

 Machines and equipment for oil refining and chemical production

 Repair of oil and gas production facilities.

  Curriculum - 050657 - Industrial Engineering

  "Engineering and materials science" (head of the department - associate professor G. Dzhabbarov) - employees of the department of engineering and materials: 3 professors, 12 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer, 4 assistants.

 Curriculum - 050601 - "Material Science"

Master's degree

 Curriculum - 060601 - "Material Science"

 Materials Science and Materials Technology

 Composite Materials

 Equipment’s materials.

 Materials science, technology of nanomaterials and coatings

  Curriculum - 050610 - "Engineering"

 Curriculum - 060610 - "Mechanical Engineering"

 Hydraulic systems for oilfield equipment

 Curriculum - 050646 - “Technology of Technology Processing and Recovery”

 The curriculum - 060646 - "Technology processing and restoration of technology",

 Recovery and modernization of equipment

 Oil and gas processing equipment processing technology.

 "Mechanics" (head of the department - prof. Aliyev A.M.) - Employees of the department of mechanics: 3 professors, 11 associate professors, 5 assistants.

Curriculum - 050630 - Mechanical Engineering

Master's degree

 Curriculum - 060630 - Mechanical Engineering

 Dynamics and strength of oilfield equipment and special installations

 Dynamics and strength of offshore oil and gas hydraulic structures.

Dynamics and strength of hoisting machines


 “Engineer and Computer Graphics” (head of the department - Professor I. Khabibov) - employees of the Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics: 1 professor, 8 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer, 2 assistants.